My passion for bargains..

So, a lot of people who know me find it quite fascinating that I’m such a bargain hunter, as I do like the finer things in life, but one thing I will never do is just splash the cash!!! I will always hunt around for the best deal I can find, whether that be via googling price comparisons, looking for the best cash back deals and/or using discount codes. We all work hard for our money so why not make it go a long way, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves, that’s my motto in life.

A little bit about me…….I’m in my 30’s, a northerner married to a southerner and I work in the legal sector. I’ve always been a shopaholic and a spendaholic and a day usually doesn’t go by without me having checked my usual deal sites!! However, one thing I certainly am is a savvy shopper. I also get a great sense of joy out of sharing my bargain and freebie finds with my growing followers on my Instagram platform queen_of_bargains I absolutely love my Instagram community and I certainly have learnt a lot of amazing tips and tricks from them too, which I will be sharing more of on my blog.

As well as having a huge passion for finding a deal or a freebie I also get an amazing buzz from making money from side hustles and I will be sharing more on some of my recommended side hustles. Remember it has to all be about balance, it can’t all just be spend, spend, spend!!!!

Two questions I get asked quite often, what has been your best bargain to date and what has been your best saving to date. So my best bargain has to be a gown I bought, which I did actually wear to my civil wedding ceremony, I didn’t know what I would use the gown for at the time of falling in love with it as it was a few sizes way too small for me but I just fell in love with the price…I mean the beauty of the gown!! It was reduced from £1750.00 to £35.00!!! Yes, you read that right!! I remember thinking at the time of paying for it, I don’t care if I never wear it, at least it will always look like a stunning statement piece in my wardrobe and that is worth it alone!!

My best saving to date has to be getting a hotel room, well it was actually an exclusive suite with a private Caldera view and swimming pool in a boutique hotel in Santorini, totally free for the whole duration of our holiday!!!!!

A savvy shopper who likes to hustle hard!!